Rise of Collaborative Consumption (highly recommended)

Şubat 16, 2011

Don’t you feel the change that we are all passing through? Don’t you just want to choose another life style and be able to live that life? Yes, a lot of changes are happening and as Rachel Botsman is saying most probably it will be considered as a revolution! We are witnessing different times, how lucky we are!

We want to share with you the TED video of Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption. Whenever we see, read, listen these kind of speeches, people, conversations and videos we feel like we are not alone to see this huge change and feel with more power to continue!So we want to share with more people for the same reason.

We recommend you to listen the video as she is talking about the power of internet to create a marketplace to connect haves and wants, the role of technology to enable trust between strangers as through web we leave our track by creating a reputation depending on how well we collaborate, creating economy of what is mine is yours, passing from the era of hyper consumption to collaborative consumption, new models of redistribution markets, collaborative life styles (including time banking) and product service systems, the pure necessity of the consumers that we do not want stuff what we want is our needs and experiences: so not the CD but the music, not the DVD but the movie etc. and so access is better than the ownership…

And we want to end with the words of Rachel Botsman:

“I believe we are actually in a period where we are waking up from this humongous hang over of emptiness and waste and we are taking a leap to create a more sustainable system build to serve our innate needs for community and individual identity. I believe it will be refer to as a revolution so to speak. When society faced with great challenges made a seismic shift from individual getting toward a rediscovery of collective good. I am on a mission to make sharing cool, to make sharing hip. Because I really believe it can disrupt our outdated business and help us leapfrog over wasteful forms of hyper consumption and teach us when enough is really enough.”

We share her mission to reach the ability to say that it is enough and we already have what we need!


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